Writing as a physical act Essay

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Writing as a physical act is something very special, especially to me. The act of transcribing my thoughts and emotions onto a page, well to put it, there’s nothing like it. We have this amazing ability to take an idea of thought and flesh it out and make it physical. Personally some of my most memorable moments in life have been due to me me putting a few characters down on a piece of paper, for instance, the time i wrote my own personal treatise of who i really was is unrivaled by almost any other memory or thought. I took me personal, deepest, darkest truths and placed them on a page, making them not limited to only me, but also to the person i entrusted them to, my man and society teacher, ms. grant. Through the pen and paper, i had opened a window into my personal world. When i was made to write in a journal for three weeks every single day, i grew to appreciate that i had somewhere to form the ideas that were in my head all day and make a record of them. Without a place to put our ideas, many of the greatest texts and literature would never exist. Because in some ancient cultures there was no form of writing and everything was passed down orally, many of the greatest stories and ballads have been lost forever. During the dark ages it was only due to the celtic monks that much of that times great literature survived. Without this medium humankind won't have no reference of the past, it could not learn from its past, and it could not expand and develop upon ideas already conceived. Sorry that was me going on one of my late night tangents where i get really passionate about a subject. That right there is a perfect example of the power of the act of writing.

When it comes to trying to write on the same level about an academic subject, the motivation is not there. Sometimes the words do just flow onto the page but that only happens when i have a personal connection to the subject. However most of the time it is a grind to write continuously about a subject in a manner what will interest the reader. Mostly i have to research and outline every single paragraph so i don't lose interest and this in turn ruins the magic of putting words down on paper. But sometimes you just have to suck it up and power through. I find myself employing many of the strategies that the author lays out in the book A Short Guide to College Writing, such as asking questions and then proceeding to answer them, outlining, and clustering. Without these methods, i would be stuck just staring at the page, unable to come up with a starting point to begin my work. In regards to whether or not the concept of applying the idea of a “physical act” to reading, i think it can be classified as a physical act, but in