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What does it take to become successful in a job today? While some say the requirements haven’t changed from decade to decade, I believe functions have developed in the work place and have become more intricate. Older jobs were based on the physical labor whereas jobs today put lots of focus on the customer and customer relations. For this reasoning, the three most critical skills for job success are communication, management, and critical thinking skills.

To begin, one of the most critical skills an individual should possess in order to be successful is communication. To be able to communicate effectively with customers is an essential asset to any company, verbal and nonverbal. Just think. One must be able to communicate the values, mission and company offerings to current and prospective customers. If one cannot communicate these things properly and professionally a company will not be interested in employing you. Furthermore, communication within an organization is essential because there may exist many departments. These departments serve different functions but each must communicate with each other so that the organization as a whole may function in sync. Being able to communicate is definitely a must have for success.

The second most critical skill an individual must possess to be successful is management. How well do you manage your time? Do you have enough time to complete the project? Time is of the essence and what an individual choses to do with their time while at work is detrimental. Employers rely on employees to implement their visions. An individual must be able to properly prioritize work duties and meet deadlines. Being a self-starter is always a great attribute. Another aspect of management is how well you work with others. You must exhibit that you are able to work with and motivate those around you.

The third most important skill one must possess is the ability to think critically. Being able to think critically…