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The Language and Culture Center of University of Huston is well known as one of the premier institutions for learning English in the United States. That is the reason why every each year, LCC welcomes thousand of students who come from many different countries around the world in order to learn from the LCC ‘s world class teachers and practice in an intensive English environment. In fact, students come from 55 different countries, which mean we not only have their variety interesting cultures, but also different background and methodology in LCC. As writer who named Holly Cin, we basically possible to classify these students into 03 group such as: the workers who really hard working in study, the player who is not interested in study and the combination students who are balance between their study and play. It is quite difficult for me to classify and understand exactly who I am and which group I belong to but I think I am a combination students.

With me, it is not the first time I go abroad to study because I came to Australia three years ago for my Bachelor degree and I feel very excited. According to my point of view, studying English is not only attend in class, but it is also mention how students understand and make the acquaintance of using English. Both Australia and United States is a wonderful environment for me to familiar with English. Of course, I come to LCC class as often as I can with good pule and is basically prepared. I always interested in new concepts even though it is too complicated and difficult to understand. Making thoughtful usually help me to understand new thing except learning by heart. Funny and discussion classes are my most favorites. To be honest, unpractical theory stuffs are not my expectation; I sick of them and fall asleep from the beginning. Indeed, I certainly aim to learn and understand the language, but in my way, I understand clearly that learning a language takes time and I want to enjoy and experience life in the new country as well

Furthermore, I am not too serious when dealing with homework because I strongly understand that is a student’s responsibility. Moreover, homework can help me perfect my English skills. On the other hand, I never, ever spend whole day long to complete homework and do extra study like looking up some news vocabularies or try to finish…