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John Tanner Worthington

Education 1300 – 1C2

Fall 2014


MBTI Writing Assignment

My MBTI personality test classified me as having a INTP personality, which stands for introvert, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. This means that I value certain qualities over others. In my situation I value introversion over extroversion by 22%, intuition over sensing by 12%, thinking over feeling by 100% and perceiving over judging by 33%. Along with this information there is also a brief summary of my personality and traits I most likely have. Among these traits are the fear of failure coming, correcting others (or being tempted to), being analytical and detached, easy-going, and fascination with logic. The first recommended profession for my personality is education. My personality makes me suitable for teaching or educating others. If I would like to pursue a career in this field there are colleges listed where I could get a relative degree. The recommended colleges are DeVry University, University of Phoenix, Capella University and American Intercontinental University. The second career listed is natural science. Natural science is the field of physics, chemistry, geology, and biology. Natural science also deals with studying the natural world. DeVry University and The American Intercontinental University are listed again. The third recommended job for me is computer science and software engineering. Surprisingly DeVry University and Capella University are listed yet again. This job is also rated as a U.S. Featured 25 best jobs of 2012. Knowing that all these jobs are compatible with my personality and offered at DeVry it would be a good idea for me to look into these jobs as well as attending DeVry. Attending this college would allow me to switch to a different major if I change my mind and still have options of other careers related to me at a good school. Using this information that I learned from the MBTI test I am able to plan my future with greater accuracy. I am able to now plan and set college and career goals. I know what I need to strive for and attain if I wish to be successful, not just in college, but after college as well. Learning about my recommended careers I can take courses now, that will set me up for courses later. Implementing changes as soon as possible will allow me to get as much experience and education as