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1. Photosynthesis is a very complex process, so for better understanding biologist divided the process into two stages. First stage, the light dependent reaction, the chloroplast traps the light energy from the sun and converts it to chemical energy. In the second stage, the light independent reaction has NADPH and ATP that was created by the first stage, provides the hydrogen atoms that helps create glucose.
2. The structure of the leaf has more surface area in a limited space, it’s basically 2 dimensional, so all the cells get that direct sun light. The leaves make sure that all the water slips off, and the chlorophyll pigments are spread out all over the leaf to get the most out of the suns energy.
3. Pigment absorbs light in specific wavelengths, the light trapping part of the pigment has a good amount of atoms that are single bond and change into double bonds. The electrons absorb photons, when the energy is absorbed it is passed back and forth through chlorophylls and photosynthetic pigments, when the energy reaches a special pair, the chemical reaction starts.
4. Carbon dioxide is used along with the energy of light from the sun and water by plants to create sugar, which the plant uses it for food purposes. Oxygen is just a byproduct created in the process of this chemical change that is essential for humans.
5. The main products of photosynthesis is oxygen, water, and glucose. Glycolysis main products are NADH and ATP.
6. Prokaryotes has 38 ATPs and…