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Dear Mrs. Logan- Brown, In the future, I have big plans. First off, the only college that I want to attend is Texas A&M University. I don’t even plan on applying for any other university. This college is a big deal in my family. My family members are die hard Aggie fans, but not just because they all attended this school. We love the school for the academics, sports, experiences and the connections. Texas A&M is what some people call “the smart school”. This is the school where the people in the top of their classes attend. My sister is currently attending A&M for her first year, and she says it’s a big difference because she isn’t the “smart kid” anymore. So as well as the academics, Aggies are known for the athletic programs. Our sports teams are some of the best in the country, in almost all of the sports they compete in. Also, the experiences you have in college are amazing, but the ones you can undergo at Texas A&M. There is such a wide variety, from the greetings to each other on campus, to standing up the entire time at a football game. Lastly, the connections you receive after graduation is probably one of the main reasons people attend this university. After completing all their required hours, students receive an “Aggie Ring”. Graduates usually tend to wear these rings for the rest of their lives. Aggies help other Aggies. In a job interview, you could be in a competition with many other people qualified, but the fact you are an Aggie graduate will give you an advantage over the others. Also when you see others with a ring on, it sparks conversations just randomly. Now when I attend Texas A&M University, I would like my major to be in Telecommunication Media Studies. This is for my dream career of being a Sports Broadcaster. I would love to study all about communications, television presence, and even the behind the scenes work. But I would also like to get a minor in business for more opportunities and possible a plan to fall back on. I am a sophomore in high school,