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Identify the two main issues or potential problems Francine is likely to face as HR Director

As a newly assigned HR Director, Francine would most likely encounter problems with implementing a new performance management system and increasing employee efficiency through motivation. Many performance management plans consist of a review of organizational objectives and the employee’s ability to meet the standards. A performance review will often include the employee’s proficiency in communication, leadership and teamwork. Employee’s specific role requirements should be addressed when implementing performance management systems to effectively evaluate job performance. The concern Francine can come across while planning the performance management plan is keeping an objective evaluating system instead of just relying on the supervisions opinions. The performance management plan should set clear goals and provide honest feedback to employees. Since hiring new employees is not an option for Francine, she must ensure this plan effectively monitors performance, rewards and retains top performers.

Effectively increasing employee performance and productivity can be a challenging aspect for Francine as an HR Director. Keeping employees happy and committed depends on a different number of factors. An employee’s productivity can be determined by motivation they receive from their work environment, as well as outside influences. Both factors can influence their overall performance in the workplace. Acknowledging employee’s work and showing appreciation through appraisal or compensation can motivate them to work harder, increasing productivity. Performance in the workplace can directly be connected to the level of motivation an employee has. Francine must identify those underlying issues in order to determine a more dynamic management process to motivate employees and ensure organizational goals are met.

For each issue, identify the complexities or difficulties that Francine will have to address.

Designing a performance management plan is only the first step for Francine. Once the plan is designed and introduced within the organization there must be a method placed to ensure the system is working. Supervisors and managers must have training in performance management practices. The evaluation system must be used according to the outlined procedures to confirm the plan is running as planned. The implementation of the performance management plan is the next potential problem that may arise for Francine as an HR Director. Resistance to change is to be expected within an organizational culture. The best change management strategy includes communication, education and examples. The procedures and documents should be fully explained and guidelines distributed to prevent misinterpretation. An effective performance management plan will implement clear expectations, feedback and recognitions based on actual results of employee’s productivity. To certify integrity exists, performance reviews must be conducted as scheduled according to the procedures. Problems may arise if the performance report and feedback are not regularly documented.
Motivation is a critical factor in employee’s performance and quality of work. Francine must identify the issues producing poor quality customer service. A non-motivated employee will see no value in achieving the organizational goals, which also leads to poor productivity. Poor morale in the workplace also leads to interference in the worker’s ability to perform better. Making changes and gaining trust from the employee’s can be challenging for Francine but is necessary for creating a more favorable work environment. The company can adopt motivation strategies providing employees with rewards, employee recognition and improving the workplace environment as a whole. However in some instances individual awards may bring negative effects if it lowers cooperation between employees and creates a more competitive