Writing Benefits Essay

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Writing Benefits
I’ve read several books; the first one when I was 10 years old, but I never wrote a summary, synthesis, or a review about them. According to Edmund Burke, reading without writing is the same as eating without digesting. I have a lot to digest! I like the thought that writing is helpful to enhance perception, concept, and relationship with others.
Although I received pretty good grades in my school essays, reflecting on my writing was never an easy task for me. Because Portuguese is my native language, you may wonder why I wanted to learn English. The reason is simply for the challenge of learning something new. I couldn’t afford to take English classes in Brazil, so I had to teach myself how to speak English. The easiest and the cheapest way was by listening to American songs and watching movies. However, learning how to write was a little bit more difficult because I have trouble to focusing on it. I found out that since I was learning English by listening to songs I might as well write them. I started to write song lyrics and it was so pleasant that I couldn’t stop it until I would fall asleep at my desk. In addition to improving my English skills, I’d write down my personal problems throughout the day, and that helped me to clear my head. Just like mathematical equations get clearer when you write them down.
Consolidating my burning desire to learn English and my enjoyment on listening to music, I’ve become very keen on writing songs. Once I had the