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雅思大作文解释类常考的题目分为三种,分别是RS, RE, RO, 后两种小类型在业内鲜有人提及,但其实07年以后都时常会考到。解释类题目是业内许多老师所忽视的领域,因为他们觉得考的少不值得讲,但去年却考了14次,充分反映了剑桥官方反预测的欲望和动向,所以以后解释类是必须要准备的。但是,现实是当基础不太好的学生碰到解释类的题目,尤其是RE,RO,都是一头雾水,完全不知道该怎样安排文章结构,更不要说展开思路了,结局往往都是人间惨剧。今天我发布的这四篇解释类范文,涵盖了上面我提到的所有三种类型,必然会对你的应考起到醍醐灌顶的功效。
Some people think that it is important to protect the environment, but they take no actions. Why? What can we do to protect the environment?
The issue ofenvironmental protection has been in limelight recently. Some people maintain that protecting the environment is of considerable significance, but they take no actions. In this article, I intend to explore its causes and offer some possible measures.
The primary source of this problem is that environmental protection may bring some inconvenience to individuals’ daily life. In addition to this, efforts to protect the environment will probably damage the economic interests of some industries. Another contributing factor is thatthe selfishness deeply rooted in human nature is likely to urge individuals to shirk this responsibility to others. Finally, citizens are not motivated to take actual actions for the sake of environmental protection.
In order to overcome this problem, I believe we must strengthen our efforts to publicize the importance of environmental protection and thus promote citizens’ motivation to take actions.It is also necessary for us to enact relevant laws to punish the behaviors of polluting the environment. Another positive step would be to provide those highly polluted industries with compensations for them to close down.
In conclusion, I believe we must all recognize how serious this problem is.
For the sake of human existence on this planet, it is suggested that joint efforts across the border should be made to rescue the only homeland on which we have survived for millions of years.
The rich are becoming richer, and the poor are becoming poorer. Why? How can we solve this problem?
In our time and age, much debate has taken place about social equality. The disparity between the wealthy and the impoverished is being enlarged. In this article, I intend to explore its sources and provide some possible measures.
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The primary cause of this problem is thatsocial resources are allocated unevenly among citizens. Furthermore, public welfare system fails to cover those disadvantaged groups in reality.Another contributing factor is that individuals’ income is always determined by their capabilities. Finally, people’s success is also directly related to one’s family background.
In order to address this problem, I believe we should foster the development of charity organizations and conduct more fund-raising activities. It is also necessary for us to levy higher taxes from the wealthy. Another positive step would be to provide disadvantaged groups with more support such as free education and medical care. Besides, the haves are encouraged to help the poor get rid of poverty.
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For the sake of social solidarity, it is vital that we take more measures to bridge the disparity between the rich and the poor. If this problem fails to be solved properly, a large number of crisis and dangers will emerge.
We can see more and more images about violence and disasters in TV. Why? What are the effects on individuals and society?
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The issue of TV