Writing Class Reflection

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After taking this class, I would definitely recommend it to every student who wants to improve their writing. Mrs. Carter does a great job, and she knows just how to bring out the good writing qualities in everyone. I am much more comfortable with writing papers and have learned a lot this semester, more than I ever would have thought. Before taking this class, I was terrified of writing. Now, I am only slightly terrified, which is a great improvement for me. I still stress out as soon as an assigned paper is given, but soon after I start writing, my ideas start flowing from my brain to the keyboard, and I calm down. At first, I thought an outline would help my ideas flow better, but now I realize that outlines are somewhat restricting. …show more content…
I know I had trouble with making my paragraphs fit well together, and I’m sad that I didn’t learn much about that from this class. I know when I read someone else’s writing if it sounds good, but for some reason I have a problem finding those mistakes in my own writing. Even though I learned a lot from this class, I would have liked to learn how to make my writing flow better. I think having the “feeling” of a college class really helped me prepare for the next few years. Having strict deadlines and writing four major papers in one quarter, along with learning all of the things I needed to, really helped me learn time management and pushed me to improve my writing. With all of the things I struggled with, working on my papers became difficult. I could never use class time to work on them, because I would get distracted and wouldn’t get very far. For me, it was easier to just go home and work for an hour straight, instead of working 30 minutes in class and 30 minutes at night. I had peace and quiet in my room and no distractions like the sound of others typing or people chatting in the hallways. Using my class time to work wasn’t really a good option for