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(The poem in my own words)
Money takes possessions, it can destroy forts without a blow;
Money attracts all,
Money shows us people true nature.
Like the Good, and Truth like lies: although Money can’t provide
Youth, and health, and Paradise.

Money can make a good party, money buys alcohol, and a place to sleep;
Make people look good,
Money wins fame, allows countries to protect itself with soldiers, it make women luv dat money(and Ricky Bobby) although Money can’t provide
Youth, and health, and Paradise.

Money buy the church;
Money corrupts, it buys needs and supplies:
Although Money can’t buy.
Youth, and health, and Paradise
In this essay I will be talking about the structure, the sound, the meaning, the setting and my view. The structure makes the poem. There are 3 small “Paragraphs.” Each of them make the poem more and more interesting. They are perfectly aligned and people love when poems rhyme and this poem does. He uses repetition to clearly explain his ideas. The sound of the poem is a smooth flow with a point to it. The rhymes within the poem show that the author wants to emphasis that the poem in not just a lesson but a lesson for us to relate to. Poems are like songs. To understand them you have to relate or find it a catchy. In this poem the author Andrew Lang is making a point about the truth about money and what it people thought about it in the 1800s and 1900s.I think that what Andrew is thinking is that he believes that money can either be good or it could be evil, so I guess it all depends in how you use it and appreciate it. It may cause goodness or it just might cause sin. The people that he talks about in his poem are merchants, soldiers, captains, priests, and a few others. His main point is money of course, but he expresses how people only do things for money and turn greedy with it. For example, a priests are mean to show people that Jesus died for our sins and should be teaching for people’s salvation, not just