Writing For The Web

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Writing for the web
Nowadays, people have many kind of way to writing. When people began to memory and can communicate with others. People will have the consciousness of writing something. Because people always to forget something, they donnot have good memory to remember all things. The beginning people wrote the article on the skins of animals or on the tree; all is not easy to disappear place. Later, people invented paper. It is easy to write,but also easy to carry. And then people began to not only write to write record some things, but with writing to transfer some things with others people. Later, people began to use writing in newspapers and magazines. People began to use writing to make friends. In the later, as people the progress of science and technology. People began to use the computer to writing. The computer can quickly help people to store a thing, also can rapid memory we side of every moment. Later, many companies are the network; they think that the internet will change people’s life. So they developed various dating sites. People can on the website to write all sorts of ideas and comments. Also you can express you log online.
I network writing just five years. Five years of one’s life is not too long, but relatively I personally can insist on the online writing for me is a not easy thing. But I think network life, that I know society, enrich the life, to gain knowledge, improve the accomplishment. I think I benefit a lot in writing. Is the writhing sense told me,relative those beer and skittles, small household affairs, underlying emotion,everything we can all use writing expression comes out, to share it with others. When with friend in the communication process, my values and culture are also increasingly improve. It does can make me further understand the society and people. These are my harvest. Every time when I finish a piece of my easy and posted on the internet, I would be very with a sense of accomplishment. And I will treat me seriously posted on a web site that each a log. And many other peers, I am also a lot of homework to do, also have a lot of their own things to do, but I still insist on despise write my log and blog. Through the Internet I can pay attention to the social, Understanding, study of current affairs, history, and literature, broaden our horizons, and write some of their favorite characters, rich after school life. I know from the Internet and learn the many past don't understand knowledge, the manuscript; write freely has files, and net friend exchange. Network life, enrich my life, improve my accomplishment, expressed I to society and life some views. I felt very full, very satisfied
And every time the human progress of science and technology, the popularity of the computer and the Internet, bring people are not only benefits. Don't