Compare And Contrast City And City Life

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Cody Forde
Mrs. Amanda Huinker
Writing Foundations: Compare & Contrast
12 December 2014
Country by the grace of God or born & raised in the city? Sometimes it depends on where you grew up and sometimes it depends on the pros and cons of each lifestyle.
There are many differences between the two and all are important to be considered.
Green bean casserole or eating out? Personal preference or tradition? It all depends on the person… Or does it? Though most people live in the city and prefer that lifestyle, it is important to consider both city­life and country­life before choosing which to favor.
There are many opportunities and activities both city and country living have, but they are far different from each other. In the city, people are closer to shops, allowing them to make quick runs to the store when necessary. City people also live closer to their friends and fun places (i.e. bowling alleys, pools, parks, etc) which makes it easier to entertain themselves or their children. Parents and teens who live in the city also find it convenient being closer to school and/or work as they don’t have to wake up as early to prepare for bad roads or a longer drive. Country activities are quite different.
Country­folk can go hunting and fishing on the fly for fun, and for a good excuse to miss work/school! It is tradition, right? Another thing country people enjoy doing is mudding, whether in a truck or a four­wheeler. Adults and older country­folks often find it enjoyable to go on long walks with Mother Nature or to simply enjoy the view of her.

The people in these two lifestyles are also quite different as well. City­folk are often loud and quite rude at times, especially the young adults. There are many types of city people, as city life is quite multicultural and diverse. In the city, there are people from places some have never even heard of! The generous population in the city can sometimes be quite overwhelming as more people creates more drama. Country people are most always friendly and warm­hearted (not saying there are city­folk who aren’t) because they have usually been raised by hard­working, respectful people who have taught them their morals and values. They appreciate the things they have and don’t need expensive things to have fun. While people in the city are quite diverse, country­folk are very cultural. And as expected, where there is less people, there is less drama. Country people often live very even­keel lives and there isn’t as much drama as in the city. These two types of people are very similar but at the same time, they are very different.
There are also many differences between city and country when it comes to the safety aspect of things. People living in the city are more likely to get robbed or become victims of crime. There are many dangerous gangs and sketchy people living within cities and so that increases the likeliness of crime. On the contrary, city­folk are also much closer to fire, medical, and police services making it easier to deal with tragedy when it does strike. Country people may have to deal with less crime, but they are living up to 45 minutes out of town, way further away from medical, fire, and police services.
Though there are fewer sketchy individuals living in the country, there are many angry and unpredictable drunks. My friend’s step brother’s mom was murdered a couple

weeks ago due to an angry man under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes the guns that many country­folk use as protection can quickly