Essay on Writing: High School and Naomi Selzer

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Eng 1, Period 1
13 September 20112

New adventures, different experiences

We had an assignment to interview a student in Mrs. Coxon class, do to the fact that they were juniors they have already had many high school experiences . The point of the interview was to get their point of view about high school, what they thought about it, what has changed, and if anything new has happened. My partner was Naomi Selzer, a girl with blonde hair and a bubbly personality. As our conversation went on I got to know Naomi and what kind of person she is. She told me that she random, creative, and has a weird sense of humor. She has some crazy friends but they are very close to her. I asked her some curve ball questions, for example I asked her what her favorite movies she told me Real Steal. Then I asked her what song best represents her life and she responded ,“ I Don’t want this Night to end by Luke Bryan .“ I’ve never hear that song but I will definitely check it out.

We soon came across talking about her academics and her achievements in high school. I was wondering what her biggest achievement was in high school, as she was thinking back to the past it finally hit her, she told me she got the highest grade on this very important essay in English. I was very impressed, I don’t think I could ever do that. Naomi described her AP world history class the biggest struggle, she knew she couldn't give up so she tried very hard in that class. Mrs. Campbell was her favorite teacher she was also her band teacher.

As for sports and school activities Naomi was definitely involved. Most of her time went into band, she played the oboe and was a color guard. She also won 3rd place in a marching band tournament. I asked Naomi if she did any other activities, she sadly said no. She wished she could do other activities like volleyball or joined some clubs.

I was very interested to know who or what her motivation was. She explained that her dad is the one that motivates