Essay on Writing Is a Passion

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Jordy Rodriguez
May 28, 2013
ENG 102
Mr. Louis

Writing Is A Passion

After years and years of school, thirteen years to be exact, I have noticed that reading and writing have always been my strongest subjects. I am fortunate enough to have the ability to have an open-mindset, which helps ideas come to mind extremely fast. Writing has become my passion, through writing, you can easily tell what kind of person someone is, from the way they format their paper, to the grammar used to complete their essays. Although writing and reading may seem like they come hand-in-hand, I believe otherwise. Writing involves reading, but reading does not involve writing. Throughout my educational life, I have noticed that reading and writing are two huge factors in education. You are required to read and write in mostly every class you will have throughout your life. From a math class, to your English class, there will always be some form of reading and writing. Although it may not seem like if reading and writing are key factors, they are, reading and writing involve the brain to think to an enormous extent, when it comes to reading and writing, everything is possible. Your mind is opened up and you have the ability to come up with a million ideas, both reading and writing really get your mind working. Through writing I have been able to express myself much more than I can when speaking. When speaking there is no “rough draft” you cannot re-phrase or re-word any of your original ideas. Rather than when writing, you can edit your writing all you want before anyone reads your work. You have the ability to re-word words that have been utilized too much, or maybe you just want to add some “spice” to your paper. Writing has helped me throughout my school years because I am the kind of person who can think and come up with ideas, but I am unable to express most of my ideas verbally. Through writing, you can get to anyone, writing is a way to communicate with no noise whatsoever, although there is nothing said verbally, sometimes, words in writing may seem harsh, but verbally do not