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Week 3: Reading Journal

Chapter 24: “Drafting”:

After reading the establishing deadlines section on page 226, I thought about how much better I have gotten at setting goals for myself with my schoolwork. I used to tell myself I would get something done by a certain time, but would still procrastinate until the last minute. I think I have come a long way with this because I have been getting everything done on time recently and am determined to keep it up.

When I think of having to write a whole outline or essay it is kind of overwhelming. I found, just like the book says on page 227, that if I assign small sections of writing to each day that it is easier for me to write. I can better focus on that small part without getting distracted by worrying about what I am going to write for the rest of the essay.

When trying to start my essay I was having some writer’s block. So I started with a simple question, “Why do I love my job?” The ideas flowed out easily from there; I used the listing technique and just kept branching off everything I was writing down.

Chapter 25: “Assessing Your Own Writing”:

The second paragraph on page 229 helped me realize that sometimes I worry too much about what I write. A lot of the time I think too much about I want to say; “How should I word this?” or “No that doesn’t sound right.” I need to just let go and get something on paper and I can always go back and edit it later.

I got a lot of good information from this chapter about how to review my writing. I know I really need to work on making my narrative sound more like a narrative instead of a reflection.

Chapter 26: “Getting Response and Revising”:

I know that I need to focus on more of a single event for my narrative. Right now it’s more of a general overview of my career at JcPenney. Reading the revise to sharpen your focus section on page 237