Writing My Own Myth Carle Tquinn Analysis

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Writing My Own Myth: Carly Tquinn hurt on of Samuel Man closest friend Aaron J. Aaron was almost the only family to him. Carly Tquinn wanted Aaron J in her team but he didn’t want to be in her team so Carly got super mad and she tried to give him a shot to change his brain to make him think that he was in her spy group. But Aaron J didn’t let her do that Carly got really mad and made him drink something that makes you die but Samuel Man came quickly and saved him. Samuel Man went flying and took Aaron J to the hospital. It took Aaron two weeks to recover. Samuel Man got furious and wanted to stop and put Carly Tquinn and her spies to jail but he was afraid. To be continued…..
Now Carly Tquinn was planning something else