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Writing notes

Writing Prompt - directions for writing

Thesis statement - lets the reader know whats coming up in the body paragraphs.
(The main claim)

Funneling in techniques
1. Direct statement
2. Negative to positive
3. Question

Intro should be between 3-3 3/4 typed out lines

DO NOT USE you, your, got, being (verb), I, is what, is when, are when, was when, are what, was what, no contractions.

Ex. When you get your drivers license you’ll get more freedom.
Drivers licenses are given each day to teens, giving them more freedom.

Do not use unneeded words.
Ex. When you visit disneyland you will have a great time.
Disneyland is a great place.

Topic Sentence

The topic sentence previews the body paragraph.

Good writing is like pruning a tree just a a gardener gets rid of dead wood, a writer gets rid of good words.

Ex. Tigers are extremely interesting vicious mammals, tigers are wild cats that are close to getting extinct help save the cat. Tigers are extremely interesting yet vicious mammals, please help save them from extinction.

Steps in writing a conclusion
1. Restate your thesis statement
2. using direct statements “funnel out” by going broad beyond the main point
3. at the end of your conclusion, leave your reader with a final thought (universal truth).

The conclusion should be 3- 3 3/4 typed out lines

1. He wants to portray the woman as a spontaneous yet will hearted woman.
2. He wants us to know that the boy lives alone with no parents, and doesn’t take care well.

Ford rule - every sentence must be specific (spatula) Only use a semi Collin