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Field Of Dreams From an early age I had one dream, to be on a baseball field. The sport itself was my passion, but the actual field gave me a place of comfort and well being. From the smell of the freshly cut grass to the smell of the concession stand cooking food, it was a place I considered home. It didn’t matter if I was in little league or in professional baseballplaying in an official little league game or if I was playing catch with a friend, the field was my place. A place to relax and play a sport I loved so much without a care in the world. It was a destination that gave me so much joy and at the same time provided a sense of calmness and security.
From an early age I spent most of my time on the baseball field. I didn’t really understand until I was a teenager that this was my sanctuary. This shrine in my mind had been a place that will always be etched in my dreams and a place I could never forget. To most people it was just a place to play a sport, but to me it was a place of worship. The sport that we all loved so much, baseball was just one part of the contributing factors to America’s game. If you talked to mMost baseball enthusiasts , they will tell youwould agree that the ball field was the real definition of the sport of baseball. The nuances and variations of each ballpark may differ to play to each team’s strength, but all within the parameters of the definition of a ball field.
When you walk intoentering a ballpark, the first thing you I notice is the smell. The air is filled with aromas that will make you think instantly envoke visions of a cook out. From hot dogs and hamburgers to big league chew, food is a necessity at any ball field. I can remember during games ats a youth, I just wanteding to get to the end of the game so I can get that hot dog. Hot dogs are so common, but when they come from a ball field they’re they aresomething special. It’s a true testament to the love of the game, because it doesn’t matter the level of play, the food at a ballpark is one you won’t forget.that will forever be engraved in my memories.

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