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Writing Process
Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. We all know those people who lack natural athletic abilities. Some people have the aptitude to solve rigorous, complicated mathematical equations with no sweat, while others dread the thought of numbers. We are not expected to be experts in each discipline available within this universe, but we are asked to face any challenges we face to the best of our abilities. Each time I am assigned an essay, fear and anxiety overtake my entire body. What I quickly remember is that I have a plethora of tools and resources all around me which can aid me in conquering the given task at hand. When facing a writing assignment I always use the writing process in order to stay on track and organized. There is a lengthy procedure one needs to follow before constructing the final draft. Following the writing process allows one to produce a well-developed and cohesive piece of writing. The initial part of writing a successful essay is preparing a good pre-write. This is where you brainstorm ideas and create a primary outline. I start by jotting down a variety of words which are relevant to the topic. Using these words I prepare the skeleton for my essay. After taking a long look at the list I have put together, I begin constructing a thesis statement. The thesis statement is the main purpose, a topic sentence, of the particular piece of writing. It is crucial to have reasonable examples to enforce it. From the list I choose three to four topics for each of the body paragraphs. I determine which topic