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Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline Personality disorder is a misunderstood, complex mental illness of emotional dysregulation. Some characteristics or symptoms of the disorder include unstable moods, rocky personal relationships with family or friends, low self esteem, fear of abandonment, and stress caused by paranoia. Borderline Personality disorder received was officially recognized in 1980 and given its name because it was believed that it occurred between psychotic and neurotic behavior. Even though this is no longer considered accurate, the name remained the same.
When the mental illness was first recognized it was believed to be a waste basket diagnosis which lacked validity and was only useful to diagnose those who didn’t fit clearly into other categories. However, it is now known that Borderline personality disorder rarely stands alone and commonly goes hand in hand with other mental illnesses. Depression is the most common standing at seventy percent, but many believe it to be universal. Substance abuse comes in second at thirtyfive percent, while eating disorders and narcissistic personality disorder tie at third with a percentage of twentyfive. Due to the complexity of the symptoms many individuals with the disorder suffer from, it is difficult to treat many with the disorder which results in some professionals hesitating or completely refusing to diagnose or treat patients with Borderline
Personality disorder, especially teenagers.
When first recognized it was believed that the disorder responded very poorly to treatment, but it is now known that talk therapy can relieve some of the symptoms of Borderline personality. Some of the kinds of therapy commonly used include
Cognitive behavioral therapy,
Dialectical behavior therapy, and Schema­focused therapy. Cognitive therapy focuses on changing core beliefs and behaviors, while Dialectical therapy’s main goal is to be aware and

mindful of the whole situation. Schema­focused therapy meshing some of the ideas of Cognitive therapy with the way they view themselves. As far as