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SaiSushiShree Thatiparthi
Rowe, Honors English
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Writing Prompt 3 People shouldn’t obligate control over others because individuals who have control over others often tend to have selfish or self-centered motivations, triggering many problems to the person. Control can correspondingly be good if you are trying to keep them from doing corrupted activities. Monitoring others is a way of transforming their mentality to how you want it. In The Giver and “Harriet Jacobs Owns Herself” the individuals that have influence over others use their power for their own selfish deeds. Jonas lives in a community where they engineered a society of equality and everything has to be followed according to rules and regulations. The people who are controlling the whole entire community are the members of the council. The community doesn’t know what and love and affections are so they have to apply for spouses, children, and they never get to meet their grandparents (Lowry, 1993). An example of not knowing love and affection is when Jonas’ father releases (killing by inserting a chemical injection) a small baby twin because it weighed less (Lowry, 1993). In this case, people shouldn’t control others because it would make the life very tedious and downhearted. If this ever was a situation in real life then many people would rush to save the baby because they have sensations. Some might argue that the council members should have control over others because without equality there would be warfare, pain, and a lot of other feelings which would lead to catastrophes. In “Harriet Jacobs Owns Herself” the Norcom family had a great supremacy over Harriet who mistreated her from childhood. They made her do numerous things for them even if she