The Effectiveness Of Leadership And Management In The Early Years Provision

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The effectiveness of leadership and management of the early years provision
The leadership team have demonstrated a very high standard of leadership and management through careful analysis of the pre-school’s needs and the implementation of improvements. This enables the children to access an exciting range of stimulating and imaginative activities that contribute significantly to their all round excellent progress and development. Detailed planning that takes account of the six areas of learning as well as children’s individual interests ensures that they are well motivated and are developing into confident young learners. The manager has developed a strong team, who along with the committee, and taking account of parents’ views, are closely involved in evaluating in detail the provision’s strengths and areas for development very thoroughly. Over the last year they have incorporated the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, by ensuring all staff have received training in the new framework and through extensive revision of their planning and assessments procedures. Regular staff meetings are held to evaluate practice and for further planning to ensure the individual needs of all children are being met effectively through the provision of challenging and interesting activities. The key person organisation enables staff to monitor progress closely and to communicate regularly with parents how well their children are doing. All staff have access to further training to regularly update their skills, especially in first aid, food hygiene, special educational needs, managing behaviour and child protection matters. Annual appraisals ensure that staff maintain high standards and that any training needs are identified and met. Parents are seen as very important partners and their views are closely canvassed through questionnaires, newsletters and discussions. The optional lunch club was implemented following a suggestion from a parent. Home booklets enable parents to record activities and achievements made by children at home, sometimes using photographic evidence, which is then shared with pre-school and included in their assessment information. Parents describe the provision as ‘brilliant’ because of the good level of care provided and because their children enjoy attending so much. Parents are particularly pleased with the excellent transitional arrangements made with the school which allows many visits for children to get to know the staff and other children through joining in a range of activities like plays, assemblies, and story time. Parents are