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Basic Job Description
The Cavalry Scout is the commander's eyes and ears on the battlefield. When information about the enemy is needed, they call on the Scouts. Cavalry Scouts engage the enemy with anti-armor weapons and scout vehicles in the field, track and report enemy movement and activities, and will direct the employment of various weapon systems onto the enemy.
Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS include:
Performs duties as crewmember, operates, and performs operator maintenance on scout vehicles. Armored Airborne Reconnaissance Vehicle, and Cavalry Fighting Vehicle, crew-served weapons, and communications equipment. Loads, clears, and fires individual and crew-served weapons. Operates and performs operator maintenance on wheeled vehicles. Assists in the recovery of wheeled and tracked vehicles. Secures, prepares, and stows ammunition on scout vehicles. Performs mounted and dismounted navigation. Serves as member of observation and listening post. Gathers and reports information on terrain features and enemy strength, disposition and equipment. Applies principles of except and evasion. Collects data for the classification of routes, fords, tunnels, and bridges. Performs dismounted patrols Employs principles of cover and concealment and camouflage. Assists with construction of light field fortifications, laying and removal of mines, and emplacing demolitions. Performs dismounted patrols. Requests and adjusts indirect fire.
Supervises scout vehicle crew, cavalry fighting vehicle crew, and M551A1 crew. Supervises operator maintenance of tracked and wheeled scout vehicles and individual