Writing Task 5 Summary Part 1 Essay

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My family consists of my husband, myself, my three children, and our dog (Snoopy). I believe that we fit in the middle class category, since we have a house, two cars (although one is already fully paid) and we live a fairly comfortable lifestyle. My husband is the main provider of the economic income of our family. With his salary we can afford a house, car, pay the bills, and we have enough money for our vacations and perhaps for some extra spending we need to do. We are people who do not like using a lot the credit cards, as these have very high interest rates. We try as much as we can to use just cash like in dinners, gas, vacations, clothes, etc. The only loan we have is for our house and our car. I am currently studying, but soon I will conclude my studies in computer programming. When I finish this it will be a great personal achievement with immense satisfaction. And at the same time this will help as another source of income for my family and this will improve our economic condition even more. Something that we have done with our money is to pay for my daughters Florida Prepaid College, this way they will no longer worry about finances when entering college. But unfortunately we could not afford to pay for my son, since prices today are very high. In my neighborhood my neighbors have a very comfortable life, and have nice big houses, that are part of our community. Some of them are able to afford up to four cars. Their lifestyle consists of mostly traveling