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An issue that has arisen lately in the Australian media is that of Prince Philip’s knighthood on Australia day. This reignited the debate about whether Australia should be a republic. John Birmingham’s article (27/1/15 in The Age) is not supportive of the decision to knight Prince Philip. The second opinion piece by Scott Coleman (The Age 27/1/15) takes the stand that Tony Abbots decision was correct. The political cartoon that was created by Ron Tandberg’s is a humorous interpretation and that the act of Tony Abbot was the act of a fool.
Birmingham article comes off as quite humours and sarcastic. Birmingham uses many forms of sarcasm throughout the article to make fun of the decision that was made by Tony Abbott. He uses sarcasm to make the reader feel as if this is not such a serious stand and make the reader not get bored and continue to read the article. Birmingham also uses reference to mass media as he refers to the hit TV show Game of Thrones. The popularity of the show is used by Birmingham to engage the reader and give them some relation as to what Birmingham is talking about. Birmingham is in disbelief at the start of his article and uses and interjection at the very start of the article “Whoa I didn’t know you could turn a prince into a knight” the interjection that is used makes the reader feel the emotion that is being presented by the writer. Birmingham also uses a rhetorical question “What do we with him?” This once again is targeting the reader and makes them question themselves as to what they think may happen. Birmingham and Tandberg both disagree to Knight Prince Philp that was made by Tony Abbott. Birmingham and Tandberg have both choose to come across in a humorous way.
The political cartoon created by Tandberg has been created to come across in a humorous manner. Tandberg has used this comic to communicate his point of view on the knighthood. The quote that Tandberg has shown that the queen is saying “And I thought you were an embarrassment” This quote is attacking both Tony Abbott and Prince Philip. Tandberg has used the political cartoon to make Tony Abbot look like a fool, He has shown Tony Abbott to be dressed in an outfit that looks ridiculous and has him holding a big sword. This is showing that the decision to knight Prince Philp was that of ridiculous by Tony Abbott and he is now looking like a fool for the decision that he has made. Tandberg has used the quote “ARISE SIR PHILLP!” This quote is showing that the decision was not made out to be quite and that Tony Abbott wanted everyone to know about the decision that was not made out to be kept quiet and that he wanted everyone to know about it. Tandberg has used the imagine in the political cartoon to show Prince Philp standing behind the queen as if to show that that is all he has not done anything other than be married to the queen of Brittan. Tandberg has also shown Prince Philp to be very old and bent over, makes…