Difference Between Written Art And Visual Arts

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The Visual Arts vs The Written

The arts can be split into two distinct categories; one being the visual arts while the other is the written. Although very distinct the two types of arts can be similar in certain ways. The written and visual arts two eternal competitors reaching effortlessly for the top. Writing is by far one of the higher forms of art; the single reason that sets writing above any other form of art is simply that it is unique to every individual, it allows one to utilize their imagination and create endless possibilities. Words can paint a picture, capture a moment or even tell stories from generations past. They can express feelings that when spoken dull in comparison. Words create the songs and stories we hear and read; words are the binding that holds us together or can be the leverage needed to separate. The quote of a historical figure may hold only one meaning;whereas, a single word can have a thousand. Writing is the inspiration behind the visual arts. Paintings and pictures may capture a thousand words while words may capture lifetimes. The expression of words can change they world or simply touch a single persons life from what can be heard. Words spoken shouldn’t be regretted neither should one be ashamed by what they have to say because shared are all about interpretation. The visual arts are practiced and precise. With paintings or pictures there is only a single perspective; they capture perfect moments and help preserve memories. Paintings are colors and strokes flowing effortlessly into a beautiful union. To the eye one sees a whole picture but to the artist hours of persistence to create perfection. Being a photographer requires exceptional hand eye coordination; capturing a moment at the precise second it occurs is truly as close to capturing perfection as one can get. With the visual arts one doesn’t need to search for the meaning hidden between the lines. Art can be spread out into a various amount of professions; cartoons are a big part of the visual arts advancement with technology allowing the art to come to life. Pictures can be put to slide shows to better depict a lesson or point that must be emphasized. In pictures lighting and scenery can set a tone that must be met; certain poses and facial features create the mood the photographer wishes to portray to the viewer. The visual art is a specific art mean to be used with a specific purpose.