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Personal Plan for Professional Growth and Service

As a health educator, my main objective is to promote healthy living by improving the health status of individuals within the community, enhancing their quality of life, and reducing preventable premature deaths. This can be established by first studying and assessing the health needs of a particular population, implementing health education strategies and interventions, conducting evaluation and research related to health education, collaborating with others to create a health education program, and educating the public through a health information programs (National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, 2008).
Upon obtaining my Master degree in health education, the next most important thing to accomplish is to study and earn the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) credential, which is the national credentialing certificate. Although the credentialing process is not required for employment, it is still important in improving additional standards of accomplishment. In addition to establishing a national standard, credentialing attests to the individual’s knowledge and skills, assists employers in identifying qualified health education practitioners, fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment, and promotes continued professional development (NCHEC, 2008). To keep current with the health education field after graduation and while working, I will establish a membership with the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) and become actively involve with a local chapter. Membership benefits with SOPHE includes bimonthly journals and newsletter, continuing education, reduced fees for annual conference, reduced subscription fees for health promotion publications, and much more (, n.d).
Before applying for a job, I will arrange to shadow a health educator or other public health professional for a day. Job shadowing will not only provide me with a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a health educator, it will also help me gain a hands-on experience in the workplace. According to the Code of Ethics for the health education profession, health educators must abide by these guidelines: responsibility of public, responsibility of the profession, responsibility of employers, responsibility in the delivery of health education, responsibility in research and evaluation, and responsibility in professional preparation. Health research has played a critical role in public health and health education. Health research has provided us with new ways of prevention and treatment of diseases. As a new graduate, I will like to be involved in the world of public health research while working within communities to educate the individuals on health.
Many health problems can be better understood through research. Health research can open doors for health educators to better understand the mechanisms of diseases, trends and risks of diseases, numerous treatment outcomes and interventions, and patterns of care. Health educators can then appropriately address and educate their communities using the given proven scientific evidence. Research enables new insights and innovative solutions to current and future health problems (, 2013). In addition, health research has a huge influence in public health policy decisions. Newer policies are…