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Moamen Elkhaloui Drama 225 On Daily basis, we face many incidents that impact our lives. Those incidents influence the way we perceive things greatly. On normal days, I’m a very easy person, humble, respectful and follow the rules. I have been working as a limousine driver for the past six years and driving for more than nine years. As we all know the more time you spend driving the more vulnerable you are to summons.
I have had my share of tickets over the years and my view of the law enforcement system never changed, until this one experience. Before this experience I always thought of the system as correcting wrong and making citizens pay for their wrong, which I had no problem with. But this experience made me realize their main purpose and how it works. I believe that when a person does wrong he deserves to justify his actions and then if found guilty then that person pays for his actions. I have heard many stories and other people experience that make the system look absolutely ridiculous which I never believed. One day, I was driving heading to the city for a job at around four o'clock in the afternoon. A few blocks away from my house while making a left turn an undercover cop stopped me. I pulled over, turned off the car and waited for the officer to make his way to my car. He started with the usual routine. Do you know why I stopped you? I answered him, “No sir I do not”. “Do you mind telling me why you stopped me?” I asked. He answered “sure. You were using your cellphone.” I replied “ No sir, I haven’t used my phone for at least an hour” and showed him my phone. He replied, “Are you calling me a liar? I saw you with my own eyes”. After a few minutes of back and forth arguments, I had enough. I gave up on arguing with him since he didn’t understand me at all, and told him that I am late for work and to get on with it. He waddled back into his car for at least forty minutes and then came back with my documents and a cellphone ticket. I was speechless and all I had in mind to say was "Thank you sir, I'll see you in court". I went to work and finished my day hoping that one day I'll fight this ticket, with the law on my side. I pleaded not guilty and waited for the court date. On court day, I made my way to the DMV without getting pulled over this time. I stood in line and was told to go sit in the open room. After a long wait, listening to a few very funny claims and other guilty and not guilty cases, it was finally my turn. They called my name and I got up, greeted the judge and the officer. I was asked to explain myself and handed the judge the proof I had to prove that I’m not guilty. Then the judge asked Officer Veronica to explain his claim. The officer said, “ Your honor Mr. Elkhaloui was driving south bound on Cropsy Ave, then he looked down”. I was surprised that he stopped talking. He didn’t make any claims that he saw a phone. I believe the judge was incredibly surprised as well as everyone that was paying attention in the courtroom. The judge then asked me if I had anything to add. I replied, “Your honor, Officer Veronica doesn’t claim that he saw a phone, meanwhile the reason I’m here today is to fight a cellphone ticket, so why did I receive this cell phone ticket?” The judge looked at Officer. Veronica and asked him whether he saw