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Written Reflection, on the experience of contributing to a professional discussion board.

In this written reflection on my experience of contributing to the professional board is how effective the discussion board worked for me as a practitioner and the strengths and weakness of the number of discussions running parallel with each in one go.

I thought I was up to date when it came to ICT, but I was wrong. Throughout this whole online discussion, I have learnt a lot about ICT. There were some very interesting ideas, which I will take back to my setting. For example, I did not realised ICT involved, all things children use on a daily bases, such as doorbells, traffic lights, normal telephones children use in a home corner. I am planning to use this information to write my article for parents on ICT in a Children Centre. In addition, I was able to participle with personal and professional experiences and give real examples of how careful you have to be, when children are learning to explore the internet. Furthermore, share websites and books that I had read, that I thought the other students would find interesting.

Strengths, related to the discussion
As mentioned above that I have learnt about some very good practice using ICT, which I plan to take back to my setting. There were some very interesting discussions relating to ICT that have been tried and tested, inside and out. The discussion board also helped students to share