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First off I want to say how much I appreciate you giving me this opportunity. I feel that jail or prison is not the place that I want to be. I have never been in trouble before or been to jail. I need to be in an environment that I can continue to blossom, meet sober, healthy influences (such as college)continue my weekly counseling sessions, going to NA meetings, and be the sole provider for my child. My leaving my home would not just affect my wellbeing, but my parents and Daughter rely on me as well. Trust is a very hard thing to earn back after being addicted to Heroin. I can say that at this day and time in my life I am a responsible, caring, dependable Back in 2013 I was introduced to heroin for the first time. I tried it an immediately fell in love with the numbing feelings that came over me when I used it. I was in a very abusive relationship and I used heroin to escape the pain and torture I received. During the year and a half that I was addicted to the drug I met and associated with fellow heroin addicts. Some introduced me to their friends, and I ended up being involved in a crowd of people that I did not trust, did not call my friends, and was rather scared of. I did however feel that we all had a few things in common 1. The need for heroin on a daily even hourly basis 2. We all had to find a way to support our habit, whether it was stealing from stores, breaking in houses, selling heroin, etc. For me the disease overcame me, soon it ran my life.

I would buy heroin for $150-$170 a bundle. On January 1st, a former acquaintance called me. He asked me if I could help him out because he was sick. Sometimes I would give him a bag or 2 when he was sick, in return he would give me back what he borrowed when he got heroin (which usually meant when a buddy of his called him). He did the same exact crime as me. He facilitated someone else getting their heroin as I did for him. This time he asked me if I could get a bundle of heroin, I agreed and told him to meet me at Rite Aid on North Avenue. That is where I met the guys that I purchased my heroin from. He came and got in my car and waited for the dealer to bring the drugs. When the dealer got in we left the parking lot and went for a ride. He gave both of us the heroin and we dropped him off. The CI then asked me if I could go find a spot to pull over so he could tap the bags because his buddy wasn’t giving him anything for running. We parked for about half an hour and I smoked 2 bags of heroin using tin foil and a straw. He dumped a small amount of each bag out into a circular tin and put water into it, then injected it using the seat belt as a tourniquet. He then put 9 bags in the band and a $20 bill in his pocket as we returned to rite aid.

The second sale happened on January 20, the CI again calling me to ask me if we could “do the same thing, with the bun” I agreed and we met at the same location. He got in to my car again and we waited for the dealer to bring us the drugs. When he got in we again left the parking lot, the CI handed his money up to the front seat putting it on the arm rest between the driver and passenger seat. He was handed back the heroin and the dealer got out. We went and parked, where he proceeded to empty the bags halfway out and injected heroin again before we returned to Rite Aid.

The last sale happened on January 27, I hadn’t heard from the CI in a week or more, so I tried calling him from the number he had last called me from no one answered. But about 30 minutes later they called me back and asked about a bundle. This time was different because I had just went to get a bundle from someone before I was supposed to meet the CI, Little did I know that what I purchased wasn’t heroin, when I tried it I knew but I was sick and had no other way to get well so I agreed to meet on Riverside Ave at Cumberland Farms. I waited a little while before he pulled in where his ride parked in the far right corner and me in the left.