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Written response- Source One
The author of Source One attempts to present an opinion on the importance of national globalism in his perspectives. It seems that what the article is saying is that Nike stands for the victory of a western company over the poor and disposed. In the first paragraph the author shows anti-globalism by saying that ‘it’s a symbol of the unacceptable triumph of global capital.’ This means that Nike sells their products for more than what the average worker is paid. This is why it seems that the author is an anti-globalist, by how these companies mostly choose the life of their workers. Furthermore in the article, on the second paragraph it seems that the author has changed perspectives and is now less anti-global but not fully a globalist, he mentions in the second paragraph that the factories in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh city that the work is better in the Ho Chi Minh where they are paid around $72 a month, which is almost three times the minimum wage, for a state owned enterprise. Lastly, the third paragraph of the article, the author has changed from an anti-globalist- to a globalist, his perspective has changed a lot from first to last within only a few sentences, he states ‘it’s not altruism at work here: It is globalization.’ The author seems more open and excited to talk about how the company of Nike works, that they offer regular wage, free or subsidized meals, free medical clinics, and after hours training and education. By Nike investing into the poor it will bring over new technology, management skills, production ideas, and more. And last the author states that Nike will raise productivity and it could increase wages.
Source Two
In Source Two, the author of the comic shows, a bunch of people walking around the earth smoking cigars whiles it spinning, with people holding on and flying off, as well with big letters in the middle say “Globalization.” I think what the author is trying to show is the unfairness of globalization, which also shows that they are an anti-globalist. In the comic they are five big men walking around with cigars, but I’m more convinced that the ‘cigar’ actually represents pollution from companies these people may own, they look very greedy and may only care about how much money they are making, I think that is what the author was trying to show, next to how people are holding on and flying off the earth, it seems that they are very affected by globalization, how its throwing lives away, also how people are trying to hold on for their life and it also shows that the men do not care of what’s happening under them. This comic greatly shows how globalization can be very unfair and only one side of people playing this game of globalization are winning.

Source Three

In the last article the author talks about and American-styled democracy. This author seems to be a globalist, talking about how America has undergone an astonishing transformation from, dictatorships to democracies. The argument in this article is globalization and, how it’s good for you. The author describes in his article that that the United States to the rest of the world is an enormous dynamism inventive genius, and human talent. The author seems very pro globalization, saying America is a mother load. He seems that amerce is what’s best in the world like a hyper-globalist thinking their place is best, like the inventions, and how a college dropout became a billion air all thanks to America, at the starting of this article the author seemed that he just enjoyed American and was a simple globalist but, the last paragraph this author perspectives seemed to