Writting In Cursive Should Be Taught In School

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I think writting in cursive should be taught in school. Because, it helps you brain grow. It gives a better reputation for you to others. Writing in cursive is easier to learn than to type on a keyboard. I support learning to write in cursive because, I was in kindergarden when my dad taught me to write in cursive. I myself would get in trouble for writing in cursive that young, because it wasnt taught in school yet.
Writing in cursive helps your brain grow. Becuase, when you use your hands to write instead of type you can remember a lot more of what you have studied, When you write your notes in cursive with your hands. When you write in cursive it helps with your penmenship. Writing in cursive gives others a chance to hide their identity, Because everybody has different signatures and different hand writting. People can still steal your identity threw finger prints on the computer. When your have a signature in cursive, and if anyone tries to forge your signature there are specialist in the world that can tell if that is your writting or not. On the computer it is really easy to hack for a lot of people.
Also, Writting in cursive gives you a better reputation in life. Writting in cursive looks good for your
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Learning to write in cursive is easier to learn than typing on a keyboard, and remembering where every letter on the keyboard is when the letters arent even in order. Someone that dont have a signature in cursive, looks like they didnt even try in school. Someone that dont have a cursive signature can get their identity stolen easier then others who have a cursive signature.There are still a lot of places in the U.S that ask for your signature, other then finger prints or anything else. When i was younger, I got in trouble by my teacher for writing my name in cursive because the other students weren't taught how to write in cursive yet so i was told to stop till cursive is