Writting Under Pressure Essay

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Aschley Yates
ENG 121 English Composition I
April 1, 2014
Practice Writing Assignment
Writing Under Pressure: There are few things I dislike more than having to answer essay questions on a test. This chapter gave some really helpful advice on how to answer an essay question effectively. I found that the technique on how to read and analyze the question was the most helpful. This technique says to look out for specific words that tell me what subject to write on, how to write about it, and how many parts my answer should have.
Knowing what specific subject I am supposed to write on is very important. Looking for specific names or phrases can help me determine what my answer should be about. Keeping the essay on the same topic as the question that needs to be answered is perhaps the key element to answering the question. Knowing the subject helps me figure out how to write the essay; once I have my topic it narrows down the time that is needed to write it.
Having the information on how the essay is supposed to be written is also important. Some key words to look for in order to determine this are; analyze, which would be to break into parts; define, meaning to state the meaning and give examples; describe, or list and explain the steps; and compare, meaning to list and give examples of how two things are similar. Having the knowledge of the proper phrases or words to look for, in order to understand what steps need to be taken to answer the question, can be really…