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Pi! Yes pi, although pi has to do with math it can relate to life. Pi relates to life because it is a never ending number. Life is a thing that never ends. The reason for this is that you could be great one day and be out of it the next. Basicly you should always live your life to the fullest and never give up on what you believe in. Two pieces of literature that relates to this idea is TLA by Jane Mcfann and A Worn Path by Eudro Welty. In the story TLA the character goes through some really hard times. She goes through having to finish up late work and having to do it with out her boyfriend she lost during a car accident. She has deal with all of this at the end of her senior year of high school. Holly uses symbolize thought the story to illustrate the story’s meaning. One example of this is when she throws her high school yearbook over the the edge of the road in to a stream. In the story it says "I held out the yearbook and opened my hands, watching it fall. it fell swiftly and gracefully, no fluttering pages, no hesitation. It hit once on the jagged gray rocks and then was swept away by the water ." This is showing Holly's old memories she had from the past. With Holly doing this it lets her try to forget about the accident that she was in with her boyfriend Jake. In the story The Worn Path the author uses characterization to show the story’s meaning. The Worn Path opens on a chilly December morning. An African-American woman named Phoenix Jackson is making her way, slowly but surely, through the woods, tapping an umbrella on the ground in front of her as she walks. While she goes along, she talks to the animals in the woods, telling them to keep out of her way. As the path goes up a hill, she complains about how difficult walking becomes. Her eyesight is poor, and she catches her skirt in the thorns on a bush. After walking across a log above a stream, then she rests. She imagines a boy bringing her a slice of cake but opens her eyes to find her hand in the air, grasping nothing. The journey becomes more difficult, and at a certain point she thinks she sees a ghost, but it is only a scarecrow. During Phoenix journey she has to go through so many obstacles to get medication for her grandson. Obstacles like the long path, animals,bridges and people. Also she doesn't receive that much respect from people because of her Elderly age and her racial appearance. Finally…