Wrong Experience In High School

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People feel like outsiders all the time. Most people’s situations are different. Mine is a lot like everyone else’s though. Back when I was a sophomore in high school I decided that I didn’t like the school I went to. Bishop Carroll didn’t feel like the place I wanted to be. After a lot of thinking I decided I wasn’t going to go to school there anymore. It was sophomore year at Bishop Carroll and I wasn’t having a very good time. Your last name was all that mattered there. If you had the name you could get away with anything. And by having the right name I meant being one of those people that gave a lot of money to the school and church. After getting in a little bit of trouble and always getting put behind people with the “right name” I decided it was time to change schools. Sophomore year was over and I decided to go to Eisenhower High School. It was the first year that the school had been open. I was the first junior class. I figured this would be a lot better because everyone would be new to the school and not know their way around. But I was wrong. Everyone there’re was already friends. Everyone there had been going to school with each other since kindergarten and I was the only one that no one knew. This was hard because everyone else would have someone to talk to in class and I didn’t know anyone so I had to start all over making new friends and finding a new group of people to hang out with. Everyone was going to all the football games together and I didn’t go