Wrongful Convictions Essay

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This paper addresses the study of repetitiveness in wrongful conviction, the significant causes of misunderstanding in such cases, and procedure suggestion. For the objective of this paper “wrongful convictions involves only those cases in which an individual is found guilty of a felony, but is later found innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. In most cases, as a result of a confession by the factual perpetrator. Explanations in considerations of wrongful convictions consist of eyewitness misjudgment, misjudgment and/or inexperienced behavior by police and prosecutors, plea bargaining, inability of defense counsel, junk science, false confessions, false accusations, snitches, the presence of any criminal history, legal misjudgment
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The controversy includes the certainty in the justice system and the efficiency is a goal that is shared by everyone. It concerns anyone who cares about law enforcement and public safety. For every innocent person wrongfully convicted, a guilty person roams free.
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Some Cause of Wrongful Convictions

In cases where misunderstanding has been well- established, it is becoming more and clearer that mistaken identification is the leading cause of false convictions. The other common causes of wrongful convictions are: useless image by defense counsel; police and prosecutorial misconduct; bearing false witness testimony, especially by government informants; and the corruption of scientific evidence.
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The Frequency of Wrongful Convictions
It is impossible, given the state of current knowledge, to determine precisely how many innocent people have been wrongfully convicted.
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Causes of Wrongful Convictions
• Mistaken identification
• Ineffective assistance of counsel
• Police and prosecutorial misconduct
• False confessions
• The use of informants
• Corruption of Forensic Evidence

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What Are Some Proposals to Help Decrease Wrongful