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Barnett !1
Jessica Barnett
Professor Rorai
WRT 102
19 November 2014

Think About It, Before You Click It
Over the years internet has become a major problem for most people, more and more of us have relied on the internet use for the majority of our everyday activities.
This new technology has created the digital natives to overuse the internet in a unsafe manner. The new generation also known has digital natives tend to be more technology based. Digital natives are born into a world where meeting someone face to face isn't that important. We belong to a world where we would rather text someone to get a hold of them. Digital natives continue to spend countless hours on the internet, posting pictures and statuses onto our newsfeed for others to see. But what most people don't realize is who actually sees what you do. Digital natives should be aware of internet privacy and how not to attract the wrong attention from predators, and to think twice before posting anything because in the end it can ruin your future.
First and foremost all digital natives must be aware of their privacy. Many people in today’s generation never think twice about their privacy on the internet. For example, when social media asks you to connect to your location or asks for your number. This is just the beginning of risky behavior concerning the internet privacy. Not only has the technology world improved, but the privacy involving social media, has became a big issue. Digital natives don't realize that everything posted on the internet can never be

Barnett !2 deleted, what’s on the internet stays forever. Therefore, that being said, our information can never be deleted. What does this mean? This not only means that, strangers see what your doing but we are easily tracked. Internet tracking can seem endless, but as far as I know tracking can involve phone calls, video chat and more. By giving important information out, digital natives are guilty of exposing personal information including myself. Some of us don't realize the harm we are doing to ourselves when we give out our private information. Some may not even know there doing it. We can clearly see that the privacy for individuals is very limited and needs to be addressed the the new generation of digital natives.
Digital natives spend most of their time online like it’s another world for them, many teenagers use the internet as an escape from the real world. Having more than one identity offline and online seems to become very common in a latest video called,
“Growing Up Online”. A girl that was 15 years old named, Jessica was overusing the internet and abusing it in the wrong ways. Jessica was portraying herself different online as far as posting nudes and inappropriate pictures on the internet. She was constantly being teased and ended up getting in trouble for her overexposed pictures that were posted on her profile (Growing Up Online). All in all digital natives need to be careful of what kind of pictures you expose on the internet, you may be put into Jessica’s position where she was ultimately cyber bullied throughout a period of her schooling. This can also result in getting the wrong type of attention, like attracting online predators. Another thing for digital natives to understand is that pictures you post can be seen by multiple people more then just friends. Not only can friends view the picture but they can also be easily saved and forwarded to others. Overall the digital natives need to learn from this.

Barnett !3
When posting pictures think about is this really how I want to be seen as? Is this really me? Will I attract the wrong attraction?
Have you ever posted racy pictures of yourself, displayed your guns in a blog, made a drug reference on Facebook, bashed your teacher or boss, mocked fat people?
This all seem so harmless but in the end these post, blogs, and tweets could dictate your future. But for most digital natives they have abused the internet and posted