Wtt 1 Essay

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Advanced Information Management and the Application of Technology
Western Governors University
Adam Culbertson

A. New Information Management System Implementation of a computer system to replace paper documentation would require the involvement of an interdisciplinary team. This team would be comprised of several members, each with a specific job. The first member selected would be a Clinical Nurse Informaticist. This team member would be charged with giving valuable input on the software needed for nurses to properly care for and chart on their patients. With the knowledge of nursing practice and informatics, this team member would very valuable in bringing the two together in the most efficient way possible. The next team
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The system is often reported to be slow. Many nurses describe the system as not being user friendly even after hours of training and experience with the system. Lastly charting reports are not easily accessed and have been reported to be lost on many occasions (www.softwareadvice.com, 2015). The next system that will be considered is Epic. The main disadvantage of Epic is that it is a completely new system to the facility. This will incur high costs. Epic will have to be purchased and installed. New equipment will be required to be purchased. The IT department and clinical departments will all need individualized extensive training. This will consume time and resources that McKesson would not consume. Now for the advantages of Epic. Epic is described as being user friendly. Epic is rated the highest for usability among physicians (modernmedicine.com, 2015). Epic also is a system that is easily used between different departments. Information is easily retrievable in other departments including physicians offices. This provides better continuity of care for the patient. Lastly Epic has a user friendly application that enables patients to view their lab results, summaries of their visits, options for scheduling visits, and medication information. Considering these two programs, I would recommend Epic for this facility because of it’s features previously listed along with it’s safety guards such as password