Ww1 And Marvel Essay

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60 seconds of World War 1 facts
1. During WWI, British tanks were initially categorized into “males” and “females.” Male tanks had cannons, while females had heavy machine guns.
2. WWI saw many women join the working forces. Those who worked with TNT saw their skin turn yellow as a result, as they suffered from toxic jaundice.
3. Explosions in France were heard in London The detonations destroyed much of the German front line and were so great, the prime minister then heard the sound in London, 140 miles away.
4. Many young men faked their age in order to sign up early. The youngest to do so was Sidney Lewis, who was only 12 years old at the time.
5. Journalists faced execution reporting on the conflict was, in the opinion of the War Office, helping the enemy. If caught, they faced the death penalty.
6. WW1 sparked the invention of plastic surgery. Shrapnel was the cause of many facial injuries in WW1 surgeon Harold Gillies, took on the task of helping victims and pioneered early techniques of facial reconstruction in the process.
7. The cost of bullets fired in one 24 hour period in September 1918 was nearly four million pounds.
8. Germans were the first to use flamethrowers in WWI. Their flamethrowers could fire jets of flame as far as 130 feet
9. There were over 35 million civilian and soldier casualties in WWI. Over 15 million died and 20 million were wounded.

60 seconds of Marvel Comics Facts
1. Hulk was originally grey when he was introduced, but became green to compensate for poor color separations used to print comics in the ’60s
2. Stan Lee put a hyphen in Spider-Man’s name so it would look different from Superman in print.
3. Wolverine was originally intended to be a