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‘Ozymandias’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Learning Objectives:
AO1: Respond to the using details from the poem to support your opinion
AO2: Analyse the writers’ methods (language, structure and form) and the purposes of these methods

The title
 What is the meaning of Shelley’s title?
Ozy comes from the Greek “ozium” which means either, ‘to breathe’ or ‘air’.
Mandias comes from the Greek “mandate” which means ‘to rule’.

Now that you understand the meaning of the title, what do you think the poem is going to be about?

 Make a note of your ideas.

Pharaoh Facts

The gods had a little help, in the form of pharaohs. Pharaohs were the kings of Ancient Egypt. In hieroglyphics, pharaoh means “great house” or “palace”, a word that was eventually used to describe the king himself. The ancient Egyptians saw their pharaoh as a god, more specifically as the god Horus. They thought that when the pharaoh died, a new Horus was born to rule on earth, thus achieving eternal life. In reality, the pharaohs headed the government, the army, set taxes, judged criminals and were high priests of all the temples. All this was in theory, of course. Appointed officials did most of the work, in his name.


First impressions
 Read the poem.

 What are your first impressions of the tone and meaning?
 Make a note of your ideas.

Let’s take a closer look
 Answer the following questions by providing quotes and analysis. Think PEA - point, example, analysis.

What does the adjective, ‘antique’, suggest? Is it a positive or negative description, or is it both?

What is the effect of creating a ‘traveller’ to narrate the story?

Why does Shelley use ‘vast’ to describe the remains of the statue, rather than ‘big’?

What does the noun, ‘frown’ and the noun phrase ‘wrinkled lip’ suggest about the nature of the Pharaoh?

 Up until line five, Shelley’s focus is on, primarily, the image of the statue in the desert.

 Underline each NOUN and highlight each adjective up until line five. Then, using this to aid you, in the space below, draw an image of Shelley’s creation