Mussolini Fascist Doctrine

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Fascist Doctrines
Mussolini had three main points that he used to attacked Marxism. They were : denying idealism by subjecting human beings to economic laws, dividing the nation into warring lasses and denounced liberal democracy for promoting individual selfishness at the expense of the national community. Fascism believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace. He kept on talking about if a doctrine was to be formed this would be hostile to Fascism. The main point to get from the Fascism, is that it will always believe in holiness and in heroism. Mussolini gathered some men and decided to march on Rome in 1922 to bring down the government. The government stood in its place and did not attack. The government could have easily taken down Mussolini's march but didn't.
Antidemocratic Thought In The Weimar Republic
The new nationalism wanted to awaken Germany's past of greatness. The measured the value of an individual based on his military value for the state which the state recognized that to be the toughest source of power. They kept talking about how the new nationalism is born out of only the blood-bonded community. The new nationalism was to be keep in bloods bonds and anyone outside this blood community (alien blood) was to be excluded from the community. Those who were not blood bond were to be kicked out as they weaken the rich and fertile body of the nation. They made it pretty clear that they wanted the sharpest separation of races. They aim at creating a strict and disciplined government devoid of any feelings of justice for its enemies. At the very end they stated, "The rule is either domination or submission". This should how serious they were about their plans.
The Rise of Hitler
Hitler tried to overtake the government which failed and he ended up in jail for 5 years. While he spent his time in prison, Hitler started to write a book which made him only serve 9 months in jail. He started to talk about the primacy of race. He said that nature did not want pairing of the weaker individuals with the stronger ones. Hitler decide that by mixing races would do the following: lower the cultural level of the higher race as well as physical and spiritual retrogression which was in a slow but progressive decline. He states that every great culture from the past was destroyed by the poisoning of the blood. To keep the culture growing it was important to preserve the human beings who created it. He even stats to discuss how people do not perish by defeat in wars, but by losing the power of resistance in their pure blood.
Hitler claims that the Jewish people are without a true culture. That anything that the Jewish have had as culture had corrupted in their own hands. The Jewish also had no contribution to architecture nor music. The Jewishness is not a matter of race but of religion. Hitler considers that to be a lie and says that there are many more lies built upon that one lie.
The most essential skill is that you must be able to convince people about the reality of the fact when trying to setup a propaganda or a mass rally. You must always stand out to the community and not so much the intellectual people. He noticed that their attention spans are very short. To make sure they remember you had to have very little but strong points as well as a simple slogan. The second you say something complicated you lose your effectiveness and as a result you may lose it all together. It does not matter if you are right or wrong, but that you are able to drive your points home with confidence. If you believe others will believe it. Only a consistent and uniform propaganda will succeed according to him.
The Demagogic Orator
When Hitler spoke to the community it was almost like everyone was under a hypnotic spell. He kept his slogan simple "Germany must be free!" so that everyone understood and they could remember easily. He always ended his speeches with "Awake, Germany!". The way that Hitler spoke for