Ww2 Story! Essay

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Chapter 1 The beginning.

(day 1 before the war)
Morning 1939.This story is set in a little jewish house hold in poland ...

“Jacob wake up dear its time to go to synagogue” (jewish church),
“Ok Mum.”
“Help me get your baby brother ready i'm gonna serve breakfast quickly.”
“Yes Mum.”
I got my brother ready, it was a normal day nice and sunny except today we were to have a picnic.We had lots of food on the picnic and I had a great day, we were all happy and looking forward to a good year, but that was going to change.

Every think was the same at first the only difference Is there was a wedding to day, though No one could have prepared for what was to happen next, the wedding was going on and there was a sudden vibration every one stopped I remember it was my turn to sit on the main chair I was going to be the first one.

The glass bottle in the brown bag had been broken by being trod on by my uncle, but when that vibration hit a cold shiver went down my spine every one went to the window and looked through there where thousands of german tanks and german soldiers, I was terrified my mum and dad picked my and my little brother up and brought us out the door at the back of the synagog then brought us in to the house we ran in to the attic and took cover we where all scared I can remember my little brother was crying.


There was smoke, fire and ash every where, dead body's covered the street. The synagog was burnt to the ground there where…