Ww2 Turning Point

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Throughout history, war shows up in many different forms and there is a turning point in war when the winner is decided before the war is over. D-Day is one of these circumstances because of the planning and the leaders behind the operation. The battle was started on June sixth 1944 and lasted over a day. The Allies had a massive force made up of thousands of ships, men, and airplanes that were to support the invasion that was to break the Adolf Hitler’s Atlantic wall, which was a series of beaches along the coast of northern Europe that were heavily defended by the Germans through bunkers and massive guns both anti-air and ground guns. There have been many turning points in wars that eventually lead to victory Operation Overlord or D-Day was the deciding factor that led to victory in WWII Europe.

There are many reasons D-day was the major turning point in WWII, but there were five major reasons this one invasion could become the biggest turning point throughout WWII. Those reasons are the allied leaders, massive numbers, strategies, deception, and effects. The allied leaders of the battle played a crucial role
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With the use of aerial surveillance of the coast of Europe the Allies had a general idea of where the weakest points of the Atlantic wall were. With this information the Allies decided to have a cross-channel invasion into Normandy where the wall was weaker but where the Allies could still launch aircraft. A key strategy used was to be able to deploy “More than 1,200 planes … to deliver seasoned airborne troops behind enemy lines” (Eisenhower at War). These men were dropped behind the line in order to be able to weaken German resistance and stop more from coming by destroying some key transportation routes. These strategies gave the Allies a jump on the Germans by weakening the resistance and stopping more troops from