Backstage Brawl And Confront Sheamus In The Middle Locker Room

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• Week 4 - Backstage Brawl // Confront Sheamus in the middle Locker Room
• Week 5 - Tag Match on SD // Fight Truth & Consequences (talk to MVP to set this up)
• Week 7 - Tag Match on SD // Truth & Consequences for the titles (unlocks civilian MVP)
• Week 8 - Backstage Brawl // Legacy (unlocks civilian Cena & entrance)
• Week 11 - Tag Team // with Santino vs Legacy
• WrestleMania - Singles Match // Vince in the Green Room
• Week 1 - Singles Match // The Miz
• Week 5 - Singles Match // Santino (talk to Santino at the Royal Rumble to set this up)
• Week 7 - Parking Lot // Cena
• Week 8 - Diva Match // Maryse vs Beth
• Week 11 - Singles Match // Santino vs Big Show (talk to Santino in the hall to setup your interference)
• WrestleMania - Singles Match // Find Steamboat in the Green Room

Week 3, you are asked to find a tag partner, partner with Swagger who can be found in the furthest room east, win that match that night PLAYING as Swagger.
----Unlocks : Jack Swagger (Civilian)

Week 3 - Submission Match - Jericho - go to the NE room and talk to Edge, he will ask you to find jericho, who is in the garage where you start, talk to him to be challenged.
----Challenge Match #1

Week 4 - 6 Man Tag - Los Conquistadors - After seeing the doc go to the south east room and talk to edge and christian, get the hidden items in the green room and return them to Edge and christian to be invited to the el-awesome-O tag match.
----Challenge Match #2
----Unlocks Edge and Christian Conquistador outfit

Royal Rumble - At royal rumble, go to the NE room and talk to jack swagger. eliminate Evan Bourne in the Royal Rumble and win the Royal Rumble.
----Unlocks Rey Mysterio (Civilian)

Week 6 - Singles Match - R Truth- Go toward the Training room and R-truth will talk to you automatically and set up a match.
----Challenge Match #3

Week 6 - Go to the GM office and talk to Teddy to get the night off. Then talk to jack at the ! and you will be set up to help in his match.

Week 9 - Singles Match - Bourne vs Orton- Go to the North East locker room and talk to Randy Orton, who will challenge Bourne to a 1v1.
----Challenge Match #4

**Week 10 - Cage - Hurricane - Before talking to Teddy Long, go to the south east locker room to be challenged to a cage match by hurricane.
----Challenge Match #5

Week 12 - Perform a finisher on Todo Americano while playing as Evan Bourne.
----Unlocks Todo Americano

WrestleMania - Extreme Rules - Terry Funk (find him in the Green