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President Woodrow Wilson was president in a time of great conflict in Europe. The
Great War had broken out and Europe was in full fledged war. The Central Powers and the
Allies were both battling each other relentlessly. Wilson had to make a decision for the United
State’s involvement in the war. In Wilson’s “Declaration of Neutrality” he decided to stay out of the conflict and remain neutral acting as the “peace keeper” during this time. Though in the beginning this was the case, no more than 3 years later the US joined The Great War sided with the Allies. This was because of a combination of Germany’s hostility towards the US and the social and political idea that peace cannot come without winning the war first. When World War 1 broke out the President Wilson classified the US as neutral, and disagreed with the actions of both the Allies and Central Powers. After a few years of hostilities in Europe the US entered the war with the Allies. This was mostly due to the unprovoked attacks on US merchant ships, including the sinking of the Lusitania by German
U­boats. Killing 1,000 people including a few Americans. Wilson responded by passing the
Sussex Pledge to Germany. This pledge for germany stated that U­boats would need to warn before attacking. Germany broke the pledge shortly after, stopping any trade with western
Europe. This angered the Wilson, forcing him to reconsider staying neutral. The barbaric
German U­boat attacks and the breaking of the Sussex Pledge were the starting to form the decision to side with the Allies and ultimately join the war. Another reason the US joined the war was because of the intercepted telegram sent by the germans, to Mexico. The British intercepted and translated this telegram which told
Mexico to attack the US and in return Germany would give them American land. Though this telegram did not concern Mexico. This came across as a threat to Wilson and the US.
Germany indirectly asked for Mexico to attack the US and this did not only fail, but managed to anger Wilson and the US ever more. Forcing Wilson to really consider joining the war, the
US was now willing and ready to fight back against the troublesome Central Powers. The last reason why Wilson decided to join the war was because this war was “the war to end all