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The Second World War

WWII was the biggest war in human history and affected almost the entire world throughout its occurrence. Throughout the war, numerous battles occurred in many different countries. The war lasted just under six years, from 1939 to 1945.
The late 1920s and early 1930s saw the rise of four cruel regimes, all of which would play a leading part in the Second World War. After the First World War, multiple countries took extra precautions for security and protection. Despite all these precautions, few believed that yet another conflict was brewing so soon.1 After WWI, peace didn’t bring the rewards the victors had expected. In the 1930s, Germany’s power began to grow due to Hitler’s tyranny. Hitler began to demand that nearby countries be absorbed into Germany. Britain and France did not like this, and they prepared for war.2
German tanks headed for Poland. The war broke out on September 1, 1939. Warsaw surrendered on September 27, and fighting was over by October 5, 1939. German forces attacked Norway and Denmark. Both countries eventually fell. After seeing how the trench warfare of WWI caused unnecessary stalemates and deaths, the Germans used a new tactic to conquer most of Europe.3
Hitler’s Nazis treated most of the countries they conquered with “barbaric brutality.”4 French and Scandinavian citizens were treated better, and the Nazis even tried to recruit them into their troops. There were many battles during the war throughout most of Europe and the Pacific. Many people lost their lives during WWII.
Adolf Hitler was born on Easter Sunday, April 20, 1889 in Austria. He had a difficult childhood and yearned for independence. He was “constantly angry and depressed.”5 He grew up to become one of the most infamous tyrants in history.6 He killed millions of people throughout his reign of terror during WWII.
Throughout WWI, scientific progress was made. This progress brought advancements to airpower, modern warfare, and various medical fields.7 Some inventions included the V2 Rocket, which was the world’s first ballistic missile. The world’s first operational jet fighter was invented as well. Perhaps the most important invention may have been the atomic bomb, which helped end the war.8