WWII Summary Essay

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Summary of WWII

Hitler was an aspiring artist before he failed out of art school and became the Chancellor of Germany. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Shortly after, Britain and France declared war on Germany. Along with some other countries, France was conquered by Germany. Hitler realized that Germany faced a lot of hardships during WWI because of the USSR’s involvement, so Hitler took it upon himself to make sure that the USSR would not be an issue. Hitler made a deal with Stalin that they would work together and Germany would not attack the USSR. Hitler also made an ally out of Italy. Italy invaded Greece and North Africa, but Germany ultimately had to come to Italy’s aid. Hitler took ideas from the USSR, and most famously the idea concerning work camps. Hitler took the idea of using work camps, and expanded on them to what everyone knows as concentration camps today. Hitler sent people that did not fit into his idea of the perfect person to the concentration camps; most famously, people that were Jewish. Hitler was very hypocritical because he saw people that had “imperfections” as useless even though some of his closest friends/leaders had abnormalities as well (clubfoot, additction, etc.). In 1940, the Battle of Britain took place. Hitler knew that Germany’s navy could not beat Britain’s, so he decided to try to attack by air with the German air force, the Luftwaffe. Unfortunately for Hitler, Germany was not able to defeat Britain. Germany also decided that it was time to invade the Soviet Union. Yes, Hitler did decide to break the deal he made with Stalin. Again, that invasion was a complete failure and the Russians even pushed the Nazi back all the way to Germany! The United States did not initially join the allies until the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan.