Wyatt Earth Essay

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Popular music of this generation is widely known for its trivial lyrics and its formulated tempos; however, some music refuses to take part in such basic means and strives to put real issues under spotlight through song. Globus has an amazing way of breaking down the history of the selfish needs of humanity towards our planet, and trying to bring them to attention. Globus, in many of their songs but Wyatt Earth in specific, speaks to people about how we are harming the Earth through industry, and ultimately ourselves. Globus tries to persuade us into opening our eyes to the harm we are enduring on ourselves and to ultimately save ourselves and the Earth around us. Globus, an orchestral band under the wing of Immediate Music Co., is a band that try break the barrier between movie trailer music and everyday songs. Globus realizes that not only the people of this century, but time and time before that due to our selfish needs, we create these industries that harm not only ourselves, but all life on this planet. "Misspent days, spent in a haze" is a quote that specifically targets the audience that feels their current lives are drone and foreshadows what Globus believes to be our outcome, which they describe as, " Pumped from our factories into our graves." The album "Break From this World" which features "Wyatt Earth," was released in late 2011 by Globus. during just 2011, there were many tragedies that Globus could have been inspired by to create these songs. Some of them include the Tuscan shooting in Arizona, earthquakes and tsunamis devastating Japan, the Norway government building bombing, famine outbreaks throughout Africa, the riots and looting that took place in parts of London, Manchester and Birmingham, the Arab Spring, and so much more. Globus never specifically writes about a certain tragedy, but hints about many throughout songs. "Wyatt Earth" shows the specific tone of natural disasters and riots all throughout the song. Globus tries to warn us about our future, that our cities will fall and that we should be warned. The inevitable demolishment by the industry that we created, that, "Once grass has turned to sand," is a major warning sign that Globus specifically picked out to induce a visual reaction to the words. A kind of reaction that would scare some people, to get them to think about the life drained out of a grass covered plain and turn it into a desolate desert where not much life can exist. They take these graphic visuals and attempt to portray these images onto people who's, "Hindsight's broke…" in hopes of changing people to agree with Globus. I think their main reason for the purpose of this song is to persuade people into agreeing with them about how our lives now are destructive, and that ultimately, our lives would be better without the destruction of industry. Out of an ethical appeal, an emotional appeal, and a logical appeal of persuasion, Globus' strength lies in pathos. Their focus is to emotionally tie you into the lyrics and in their highest hopes, get the listener to see the harm in industry. Globus has many specific persuasion techniques to get the listener on their side of the battle. One of the techniques they use is to get people to look at their everyday lives as citizens; the drone tasks some people live of waking up, going to work, coming home, watching television, and going to bed. This is the cycle of a repeated fog over the minds of the common office worker. Working to pay bills, to have a fulfillment of a crack at an unforgiving life. The band argues that our modern society has a smog over our lives, creating, for some who choose to see it, a desperation for air. Globus sees this emotional desperation in the hearts of many people today and hints at it through song with their lyrics. A great example of their poetic lyrics is, " Cities they fell, life's a choke, On bittersweet warnings took for a joke." creating such a devastating image to raise questions in a listeners mind.