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Wynn Resorts Limited is an operator of casinos and hotels formed and run by CEO
Stephen Wynn.
Wynn Resorts Limited currently operates four properties worldwide. Two in Las Vegas,
NV and two in Macau, People's Republic of China.
Wynn Las Vegas
Wynn Las Vegas Encore
Wynn Macau
Wynn Macau Encore
“The Wynn culture is built on the idea of compassion. We care about our guests, our
Resort and each other. Our actions define who we are as an organization, as a team united to provide the very best in hospitality and service.”
After selling his family’s bingo operation in Maryland, Stephen Wynn moved to Las
Vegas in 1967 after purchasing a stake in the Frontier Hotel and Casino. In the 1990s, he made a name for himself as one of the best visionaries in the area when his company built or expanded many casinos currently on the strip, including The Mirage,
The Golden Nugget, Treasure Island, and The Bellagio. After selling The Bellagio to
MGM Grand Inc in 2000, Wynn purchased The Desert Inn with the intention of demolishing it and opening a new casino on which he would sign his own name. Since it’s opening in 2005, the Wynn brand has expanded both nationally and internationally winning awards for design and excellence for it’s properties. In fact, the Wynn Las
Vegas and it’s sister property Encore have collectively won more Forbes Five Star
Awards than any other resort and casino in the world.
As a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ, WYNN has constantly been one of the most profitable stocks in the industry, currently paying out a 3.44% dividend. Wynn always placed an emphasis on being a competitive force in the industry both in terms of luxury and financially. In fiscal year 2011, Wynn posted a 14.9% return on investment compared to the industry average of 5.53%. This makes Wynn Resorts a force to be reckoned with in the resorts and casinos industry.
Working for Wynn Resorts is nearly as rewarding as being a guest at one of their luxurious casinos. Built on the ideals of compassion and inclusiveness, Wynn Resorts believes in coming together as a team to provide the ultimate experience in hospitality and service. Employees, from executive leadership to janitors, are expected to live by the four Wynn Standards. These are:
WE are a company that recognizes that cultural diversity goes beyond language, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, gender choice and expression, sexual orientation, range of ability and age.
WE believe in the broad spectrum of human experience.

WE believe that amazing things happen when people from different worlds and world­ views work with each other toward a common goal.
WE believe in being inclusive, welcoming, and supportive.
Wynn employees are often cited as being some of the happiest and best taken care of in the industry. Anonymous corporate employee review site Glassdoor.com rates the
Las Vegas property at 3.5 out of five stars with over 60% of employees who would recommend Wynn to a friend and over 70% who approve of the CEO. And with benefits like the ones Wynn offers, who wouldn’t be happy to work there? Health, life, and disability insurances are standard, as are paid vacation days, education and tuition assistance, and paid holidays. These are not rivaled by any other company within the industry. Stephen Wynn, chairman and CEO, has been called the most influential person in the
US casino industry. Ranked #17 by the Harvard Business Review of the best CEOs in the world, he has shown the ability to overcome economic downturns time and time again and is often described as a visionary, charismatic and transformational CEO. He builds strong relationships with his partners and leads others towards the same vision that he has. He is known for recognizing the individual abilities in each of his employees in order to increase overall productivity among everyone in his organization. He also believes in taking care of his employees so that they